Welcome to Dharma Road.

My daughter has been visiting here this last week, and on Friday we drove around in Sonoma for about 4 hours, looking for a real old-fashioned wooden sign post to which we could attach the Dharma Road sign I’d made.  We got into some pretty serious back roads with some serious twists and curves, back and forth.  Very pretty countryside, a gorgeous day.  But no old fashioned sign posts to photograph.  Meanwhile, understandably, my daughter became carsick. And we had to get home because I’d invited some people over for dinner, and needed to cook it.  Lost as we were, the road trip took more time than I’d planned.  So it was a bit of a stressful day. Eventually we got to some slightly straighter roadway, she felt better, and I had the idea to use her for the signpost.  And she had the idea to play the part of a hitchhiker.  After 4 hours lost on the back roads with a carsick girl, it was perfect!  Life is like that sometimes.  Welcome to Dharma Road!


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