The Raven and Me

Here’s a poem I wrote recently and shared at the poetry benefit that we (SF Insight) held for the Khuphuka Project on 10/14/11.

I always liked that quote of the Buddha’s (or was it someone else?) which talked about how people with lots of opinions go around the world annoying people. I am one of those people who gets annoyed.  I am also one of those people with opinions.

Though I like my own opinions quite a lot, most of them are more like a boyfriend I’ve recently started dating.  I might like him quite a bit, but if someone else points out too many of his shortcomings, I might easily give him up.  Or if someone offers up a more attractive “boyfriend” (opinion), I might go for him instead. (ok, don’t start questioning me about how fickle I am).   What I mean to say is that though I am attracted to my opinions, most of the time I don’t feel “wedded” to them.  Still I’m aware that my opinions just might on occasion cause others to feel annoyed.

The topic of right speech( in general) and opinions (in specific) is such a juicy one because most of us have had so much painful experience with “wrong speech” (our own and others’) that there’s a lot of motivation to be free of this suffering.  Still, the patterns of speaking are deeply embedded, so it’s not an easy change to make.  For most of us, there’s no quick fix, so there’s ample opportunity for practice.  This poem has to do with all of that, and I hope you enjoy it, whether you share my opinions or not.  🙂

♥   Gayle

The Raven and Me

sometimes there is a sky full of opinions

as far and wide as a mind’s eye can see…

let’s not talk about comprehend!

right wing             left wing            tail feathers!

raven                           bluebird                         mockingbird!

endless flapping of wings.

cawing      chirping       carrying on    cacophony     freedom song?

re-stating     reciting every right and left winged opinion in bird lexicon.

the raven terrifying.

the bluebird with its poorly kept promise of happiness.

and let’s not even let that mockingbird get started,

as in love with his own voice    as   he   is.

perched on a telephone wire

looking for prey

for a mate

to be the last bird standing!

Isn’t the stating of opinions always like this?

Well, that’s Your opinion!  the raven asserted.

Whatever!!  I shot back.

And this is how it is that sometimes there is a sky full of opinions as far and wide as a mind’s eye can see.

The endless variations of a kind of conversation like that between the raven and me.

by Gayle Markow 9/11


One thought on “The Raven and Me

  1. this i now declare – after investigation there is nothing in all the views that such a one as i would embrace. Seeing the misery in philosophical views without adopting any of them, and searching for truth i discovered inner peace. For one who is free from views there are no ties, for one who is delivered by understanding there are no follies, but those who grasp after views and philosophical opinions wander about in the world annoying people!’ – the buddha …

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