How To…. post your poetry

Yes. We know.  We know.  We invited you to post your poetry, and then made it really difficult. Well, WE didn’t.  It’s in the nature of the blog.   We’re sorry.  It’s techno-dukkha.  And just because we’re on Dharma Road, that doesn’t mean there isn’t dukkha to practice with.  Yes, we’re practicing! and hope you are too.

So, here’s the next step in our attempt to make posting easier.  Because it’s a blogsite, you  can’t post directly, but you can send your post to this email —  and we’ll post it for you.  (please do your best proof-reading and editing prior to sending to us.  thank you.)

Please let us know if you have a poem title, or some other title you want for your posting.  Also Exactly what name you want us to use (ie first name only or full name or pen name).  Also we’d would like you to say a few words about who you are and/or a few words about your posting (ie what this poem means to you, and/or a brief reflection about the poem).

with much metta,

♥  Gayle


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