At the Apple store today…. by Gayle

I’m posting this poem today because without the folks at the Apple store, there would be no blog!  Thanks so much Kel and all of you!!!!



On Being at the Apple Store


An hour at the Apple Store        one to one


passes faster than an hour long massage (which I adore)
is better than sex might be (as I recall)


is more uplifting than an inspirational simile
more inter-generational than an American family


Buzzes with more creative and productive energy
in one small space than in the entire rest of the mall


with more kindness and attention
than most patients get from nurses (by far)


In this creative, learning hour, walls come down
desire begets ability, which inspires vision,
then, more capacity,  an upward spiral…..


A kind of sacred space
full of wonder and possibility
full of kind and patient young men and women
leading their elders into a great adventure


This blessed hour — one to one– at the Apple Store
Gayle Markow


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