it’s been awhile….

well, yes,  it’s been a little while…  I guess everyone’s been pretty busy in the new year.  In addition to a small group where we write poems together, I’m also taking this class (I’ve mentioned it before) at the Bernal Heights Library.  It’s called OWLS, which stands for older writers’ laboratory.  It’s a great joy there, and it helps to have a teacher giving prompts and other poets to be inspired by, and share with.  (I really am a bit of a stickler for correct grammatical construction, and so, hate to leave that dangling participle at the end of the last sentence.  But what can you do?  It sounds so overly proper – in this day and age- to write it “properly”).

That said, I’m thinking of being less “proper” in the way this blog was originally conceived. There’s been some wonderful poems by a number of people posted, and a little bit of feedback.  But somehow, it’s still not the lively dharma road that was originally envisioned. I’m not sure what needs to change here.  I was thinking maybe more recipes, and more pictures. perhaps a dharma-based advice column.  Are you worried?  Smiling?  Any ideas I’ve overlooked?  Would love to hear from you.  🙂

Here’s my poem for today.  I hope if you are a strict vegetarian you will feel compassion instead of self-righteous indignation.  In all our imperfections, we can only hope for… compassion.  🙂  (ps, this darn blog site took away my lovely spacing and font… guess it’s time to go back to the Apple store for lesson #56!)  Haha!  I need to re-learn technical things over and over if I don’t use them every day, and I need to keep learning compassion for technical things — like blog sites and computers — when they don’t work the way I want them to… (eek, another dangling participle).  Ah…. well.  🙂

Somewhere Between….

I want to be a vegan

for good health


as an act of kindness

to all animals

But I love bacon

and moreover

I love people who

love bacon, spareribs, and the like

people who live lustily

and don’t  question themselves  left and right.

I don’t want to be the problem dinner guest


wear the complexion of pale virtuousness

Somewhere between  jewish   buddhist and tao-ist

somewhere between

the realms of

heaven and hell

I dwell

vegan and lover of bacon

♥   Gayle


4 thoughts on “it’s been awhile….

  1. Gayle — I love this poem. I don’t pretend to be anything like a vegan, but I appreciate the two-fold wisdom: personal health, and kindness to other animals.

    I try to control the jones for bacon — and ice cream. And when I come across a wayward insect here where I live, I get a piece of cardboard to shepherd it outside. Well, except centipedes.

    Alas, my loving kindness doesn’t seem to extend to professional football players. I watch the games, have a favorite, and even in face of indisputable evidence on brain trauma from endlessly repeated minor collisions, I jump up and cheer a well-executed play — on the part of my team — or groan when the other team does something spectacular. Pro football. Bacon. Life is full of dilemmas.

    • haha jim! yes, exactly what i’m trying to say. you know, if bacon had no smell, it wouldn’t be a problem; it’s the smell that gets me when I walk into a restaurant at brunch time… like the smell of popcorn in a theatre, I know it’s loaded with bad things, but it’s so hard to resist. and the scariness of some “bugs”. I too will shepherd a spider outside, but you couldn’t believe how quickly I stomped the scorpion that suddenly appeared! my amygdala’s reaction totally short-circuited any sense of compassion.
      ♥ gayle

  2. yes. thanks Terri. the bacon/vegan diet is a fine line, followed by a self-selected few. probably a little like being a “jew for jesus”. Life serves up some odd combinations; we all do our best.

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