Dear Dharma Roadsters, poets, friends, visitors,

Thanissara and I want to thank you for joining us on the Dharma Road for the last several months.  We’ve had our learning wheels on the whole time, and it’s been an interesting ride, sometimes picking up a little speed, other times getting caught behind slow moving big rigs.  We’ve particularly enjoyed when you’ve stopped by with a poem or comments.  We’ve really loved that.

From Gayle:  Some challenges have been bigger than others.  One that we just haven’t been able to get around has been Word Press’s big problem with re-formatting EVERYTHING.  True, our training wheels are on, so maybe it’s just something we needed to learn.  With much determination, I spent endless hours at the Apple store with my friends, the young Apple geniuses.  None of them could figure out how to get around the re-formatting big rig.  The last young genius searched around ’til he found a site where all kinds of Word Press users have come up against the same problem.  Many many complaints.  NO solutions!

Well, finally, I said “uncle” (meaning, I give up).  So for now, we’re closing down Dharma Road.  Perhaps it will re-open at some point on another site (definitely NOT Word Press).  We’ll see what happens.

From Thanissara:  Dear all, thank you so much for your wonderful contributions, and thank you to Gayle for the great work of keeping the wheels on thus far! It’s been sweet!

And yet now time to take a pause.

Here’s to deepening our presence within the moment, here & now, from which the creative impulse flows.

And here’s to all poets who bear witness to life’s 10,000 joys & sorrows, echoing each of our hearts while doing so/

From Thanissara and Gayle:  If you’d like, in this last week or so of our existence, please drop by to say good-bye and leave any comments or suggestions you like.

Hopefully, we’ll see you on another dharma road soon.

metta and namaste,

Gayle and Thanissara